Walking up the street

Hi all.

In the last few days I’ve walked up the street to get jobs done. It’s nice to get two things done at once. Not only that, I don’t have to worry about parking, finding coins for the meter or getting in and out of the car. It’s a good deal all round.

Bye for now.


Hi all. Dropped the car off this morning then walked 35 minutes home. It was great. I had never walked that path before and it felt like 10 minutes. So should be easy walking back to get car this afternoon.

Am off to get groceries now with my pulley cart.

Have had lots on and a bad cold so haven’t done much this last week although I did fit in a bike ride before my nose got too blocked!

The sun is shining and I’m off now.

Happy walking, riding, exercising!

Three Day School Camp workout

Hi all. Having returned from school camp, my legs are aching in many places. We went uphill then downhill then uphill again. I found that carrying baskets of food uphill was more than I could comfortably do. But it was fun. As expected we had a full program so not a minute was lost. Last night my daughter and I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. I think a bike ride today would be a good change from walking. Happy exercising all.

Split walk works well

Hi all. I gave myself half an hour to do a walk. I took the old dog from next door to the mailbox and around the block. That took ten minutes. Then I dropped her back home and went on a nearly 20 minute walk. The weather surprised me by being pleasant and sunny (at the moment). So now I’m in my “office”. I must not look at the washing, dishes or any mess!

I’m off on school camp on Wednesday for a few days, I think that will be quite good exercise as there will be loads of walking.

Bye for now.

Treadmill walk on cold day

Hi there. Yesterday was cold and wet so I got on the treadmill for 25 mins. I got bored with it and couldn’t take any more but I made myself stick it out for the 25.

I bought some fleecy lined track pants yesterday. I didn’t have any decent winter walking pants. Hope it helps me get outside more, although today is again wet and cold and have one daughter home with a bit of gastro. I just went outside to break up a cat fight. Our girl does not like the boy next door. If only they would stay in their own yards.

What have I been doing?

Well, yesterday I walked up the street to the bank. The sun was out so very nice. The day before I walked up the street and then got a phone call from the school saying to pick up one of my daughters who wasn’t feeling well. (She’s fine now.) So I turned around with my shopping trolley and walked straight home. I was going to do my groceries on the way home but obviously that didn’t happen.

Today is freezing! I’m planning to walk up the street to pay the paper account. These walks up the street are only 20 minutes in total. If I can keep them up over winter I will be pleased. If my exercise plan did one thing, it is to make me think of how I can fit some exercise in every day. At the moment it seems to be doing a job on foot. Well, it saves petrol too doesn’t it?

Over and out.

Autumn exercise

Hi all,

The weather is not as conducive to exercise as the summer and the longer days, but it’s still sunny and warm enough to pop on the runners and walk up the street when needed. Yesterday I walked to the postoffice. Today I walked to the supermarket. I have stopped my resistance exercises to help my left arm to mend as it had become very sore. It’s getting better. I hope to do more soon. Happy exercising.