Day 3 of get fit plan – where is that bridge?

Hi everyone. This morning I had bowl of cereal and started my walk at 8am. I planned to walk by the river and wasn’t sure how long this would take. My goal today was a 20 minute walk. I took the walking bridge across the river which is only a few minutes from home. I was pleased to pass another walker and her well behaved little black dog. It wasn’t long before there was a constant smattering of people, many with dogs, on the walking track by the river.

I tried to quicken my pace today as I still wasn’t feeling puffed. I guess I’ll get better at that eventually. I looked for the second bridge which I knew was coming up. I saw it through the gum trees and was looking forward to getting on the home stretch. But the bridge didn’t seem to come as soon as I thought. Did I pass it? If I did that would mean I would end up near the main road and I knew that would be a bit much for me. I kept walking. Surely I would see the footbridge soon. I would have to pay attention next time. But then I saw it. Yes, I happily turned onto the bridge. I even saw the little well behaved black dog again. By now my hips were aching. I wasn’t really puffed. I slowed down before home and knew that this was my current distance limit. I checked the clock – 40 minutes. Okay, so I’d done more than necessary. I felt a bit wonky when I sat down but pleased that I’d done the walk at all. I’m quite pleased with myself.

If anyone would like to say hi or make a comment, I’d appreciate knowing that you’re with me. Wherever you may be. Stay tuned and tomorrow it’s back to the exercises. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Day two of get fit program – crunches and lunges

Hi everyone.

I have just finished my first set of exercises. It took me nearly an hour because I had to get familiar with what to do. You know, feet apart this far and keep the back straight etc. I put this off for a while this morning. Seemed that the vacuuming just had to be done. This is one of my usual tricks to put off exercise. But not anymore. I think of how much worse off I’ll be if I don’t complete this program.

I enjoyed the session. I began with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill (which we’ve had for years and I’ve used it twice before). Then I did five different stretches also as part of the warm up. I have NEVER done a warm up before. That always seemed like too much effort when all I wanted to do was get it over and done with. This time I’m doing what the book tells me.

Then I began 8 repeats of 9 different exercises. These range from lateral raises to abdominal crunches. I think the least enjoyable one was lunging. My knees were under pressure with that one

Having a big mirror was helpful. I could see if I was standing straight enough or if my feet were pointing in the right direction.

So tomorrow is another walk. I can either go on a walking track by the river or down the street.  I would love to get a comment from anyone who might be following this blog. Even just to say hi. Blogging is part of this whole deal. It’s my partner who I won’t let down and who encourages me. See you tomorrow.

Day one of get fit program – 20 year old Nikes.

Hi everyone. I am showered and keen to tell you about my first day. For the first week of this program, I am to walk 10-20 minutes, 3 times a week. In that week I also have to complete resistance exercises, twice in the week, which they suggest to alternate with the walking days. So, today, I walked. Let me tell you about the challenges first up. It’s school holidays so I had to walk when my husband is here with the kids. At present, that’s no problem. Then, I had to choose a time to walk. Again, that was okay. After doing some morning jobs, I got organised to go. I had had a shower the night before so I felt okay just getting dressed. I put on sunscreen first then I got out my running pants which I bought 12 months ago. They are like new as last year was another failed attempt at sticking with exercise. What I found most telling, was that I pulled on a pair of Nike runners that I bought twenty years ago. They are still in great shape! So two decades ago I had planned to exercise. Today is the first day that I feel differently about what I’m about to undertake. Hopefully I will need to buy a new pair of shoes! Once I set off I timed my walk. I had read that I had to walk in ten minute lots to get the benefit. I walked to the coffee shop, which took 15 minutes. Yes, I stopped and had a coffee. I guess I need little treats to get me through this. But I felt happy doing that. I’d already completed the 10-20 minute walk. The other thing I had to do was to check my breathing to see if I was over or underdoing it. Once I got into a quick walk for 5 minutes, I tried to sing a song. I was able to so knew that I needed to walk faster. Not sure if I can go faster but I will see. On the way back from the coffee, I walked for 7 minutes (I took a shorter route back) to get home. I did find that I was breathing through my mouth and felt more puffed that time. Not only that but I felt that I might need a hip replacement! I really really hope that at the end of 12 weeks, my hips will be in better shape. Time will tell about that one. I also felt woozy once I stopped walking. Again, I hope that this improves as the weeks go on. I’d have to say that I enjoyed the walk. I walked past a eucalyptus tree growing in someone’s front yard and I inhaled that wonderful fragrance.

Thanks to everyone who has looked at my blog. It is truly a great incentive for me to complete this program knowing that I’m not the only one involved.