Day one of get fit program – 20 year old Nikes.

Hi everyone. I am showered and keen to tell you about my first day. For the first week of this program, I am to walk 10-20 minutes, 3 times a week. In that week I also have to complete resistance exercises, twice in the week, which they suggest to alternate with the walking days. So, today, I walked. Let me tell you about the challenges first up. It’s school holidays so I had to walk when my husband is here with the kids. At present, that’s no problem. Then, I had to choose a time to walk. Again, that was okay. After doing some morning jobs, I got organised to go. I had had a shower the night before so I felt okay just getting dressed. I put on sunscreen first then I got out my running pants which I bought 12 months ago. They are like new as last year was another failed attempt at sticking with exercise. What I found most telling, was that I pulled on a pair of Nike runners that I bought twenty years ago. They are still in great shape! So two decades ago I had planned to exercise. Today is the first day that I feel differently about what I’m about to undertake. Hopefully I will need to buy a new pair of shoes! Once I set off I timed my walk. I had read that I had to walk in ten minute lots to get the benefit. I walked to the coffee shop, which took 15 minutes. Yes, I stopped and had a coffee. I guess I need little treats to get me through this. But I felt happy doing that. I’d already completed the 10-20 minute walk. The other thing I had to do was to check my breathing to see if I was over or underdoing it. Once I got into a quick walk for 5 minutes, I tried to sing a song. I was able to so knew that I needed to walk faster. Not sure if I can go faster but I will see. On the way back from the coffee, I walked for 7 minutes (I took a shorter route back) to get home. I did find that I was breathing through my mouth and felt more puffed that time. Not only that but I felt that I might need a hip replacement! I really really hope that at the end of 12 weeks, my hips will be in better shape. Time will tell about that one. I also felt woozy once I stopped walking. Again, I hope that this improves as the weeks go on. I’d have to say that I enjoyed the walk. I walked past a eucalyptus tree growing in someone’s front yard and I inhaled that wonderful fragrance.

Thanks to everyone who has looked at my blog. It is truly a great incentive for me to complete this program knowing that I’m not the only one involved.


6 thoughts on “Day one of get fit program – 20 year old Nikes.

  1. Hi There, I left home at 5-30 this morning & got to the office at 7-00 (bit of window shopping down Rundle Street on the way!!)It was so nice and cool at that hour. Waited for the postie and did a little work, then walked back home(not as pleasant in 39 heat, won’t do that again). My advice Kaye is to leave early when cool and do jobs at home later (just check out what time bakery opens in the mornings for your coffee). Perhaps go by the river then down main street, coffee and home. Have fun tomorrow !!!

    • I like your thinking. Will be hotter again tomorrow so I might set off on my walk then. You’re doing a fab job with your walking. No wonder you look forward to that treat of a coffee! Thanks and stay tuned.

  2. I too am going to get back on track once new Year has come & gone.Family & Christmas took me away from my regular routine. I have put on weight with too much rich food and am feeling sluggish. I walk from home to the office 4-5 days a week, it is 6 KM’S. When I first started I too felt a bit like jelly legs when I had to stop at the lights,but that does get better.I really look forward to my walk to work.I don’t know how far I would have walked had it not been that I had to be at the office in the city of Adelaide each day and the fact that Anna makes me a cappacino at her cafe which is just outside the office. It is the “dangling carrot” and makes the end of the walk enjoyable. When I first started to walk it was not to lose weight,but the fact that that I work with Mark (husband) each day and we traveled to & from work together. I love to just have this time by myself. It is early in the morning when I leave and enjoy passing joggers, dog walkers,other walkers and even a bag lady on a Monday morning who pushes a trolley overflowing with cans and bottles she collects from peoples bins. The routine of walking and not eating so much rich food was working fine, I do feel so much better in myself when I walk, it is good for your heart and I am sleeping better at night,which was a problem before I started walking, also all my children have left home so it is easy for me to do my “own thing”. It will become easier Kaye as you continue, and enjoy your coffee as I do!!! Good Luck and enjoy the neighbour-hood.

  3. Great incentive for anyone; the way you are writing about it. Excellent description of how you felt doing it. Looking forward to the next installment.

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