Day two of get fit program – crunches and lunges

Hi everyone.

I have just finished my first set of exercises. It took me nearly an hour because I had to get familiar with what to do. You know, feet apart this far and keep the back straight etc. I put this off for a while this morning. Seemed that the vacuuming just had to be done. This is one of my usual tricks to put off exercise. But not anymore. I think of how much worse off I’ll be if I don’t complete this program.

I enjoyed the session. I began with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill (which we’ve had for years and I’ve used it twice before). Then I did five different stretches also as part of the warm up. I have NEVER done a warm up before. That always seemed like too much effort when all I wanted to do was get it over and done with. This time I’m doing what the book tells me.

Then I began 8 repeats of 9 different exercises. These range from lateral raises to abdominal crunches. I think the least enjoyable one was lunging. My knees were under pressure with that one

Having a big mirror was helpful. I could see if I was standing straight enough or if my feet were pointing in the right direction.

So tomorrow is another walk. I can either go on a walking track by the river or down the street.  I would love to get a comment from anyone who might be following this blog. Even just to say hi. Blogging is part of this whole deal. It’s my partner who I won’t let down and who encourages me. See you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Day two of get fit program – crunches and lunges

  1. Kaye!
    Hi and well done on your fitness plan – I think the fact that you have a plan is a huge step in the right direction. A year or so ago Rich followed the CSIRO book plan regarding diet and it helped him reach his goal weight.
    Tomorrow is going to be a scorcher so I hope you can stick to your plan despite that. And if I ever get a chance to join you on your walks, that would be great but a bit more difficult for me to find child-free time.

  2. Well done today. I almost thought you weren’t going to blog. But I am glad I was wrong. I had my car serviced today,so while it was being done, I walked to the main street, 1km, had breakfast at a lovely little cafe,then walked back to get my car,so another kilometer. Yesterday I also made myself walk for an hour up hill and down,and then did some cruches.Ow! But feeling great today. You are really encouraging me to keep at it.Will be back

      • It is 7.30 am New Years Eve. So instead of sitting like a rock waiting for the computer to warm up. I did stretches,weights,and lunges. It all adds up. 43 degrees here today. So it will be exercise bike instead of walking.

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