Day 3 of get fit plan – where is that bridge?

Hi everyone. This morning I had bowl of cereal and started my walk at 8am. I planned to walk by the river and wasn’t sure how long this would take. My goal today was a 20 minute walk. I took the walking bridge across the river which is only a few minutes from home. I was pleased to pass another walker and her well behaved little black dog. It wasn’t long before there was a constant smattering of people, many with dogs, on the walking track by the river.

I tried to quicken my pace today as I still wasn’t feeling puffed. I guess I’ll get better at that eventually. I looked for the second bridge which I knew was coming up. I saw it through the gum trees and was looking forward to getting on the home stretch. But the bridge didn’t seem to come as soon as I thought. Did I pass it? If I did that would mean I would end up near the main road and I knew that would be a bit much for me. I kept walking. Surely I would see the footbridge soon. I would have to pay attention next time. But then I saw it. Yes, I happily turned onto the bridge. I even saw the little well behaved black dog again. By now my hips were aching. I wasn’t really puffed. I slowed down before home and knew that this was my current distance limit. I checked the clock – 40 minutes. Okay, so I’d done more than necessary. I felt a bit wonky when I sat down but pleased that I’d done the walk at all. I’m quite pleased with myself.

If anyone would like to say hi or make a comment, I’d appreciate knowing that you’re with me. Wherever you may be. Stay tuned and tomorrow it’s back to the exercises. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


4 thoughts on “Day 3 of get fit plan – where is that bridge?

  1. Hi Kaye, looks like you are getting some great responses to your efforts. There are lots more out there, so very encouraging.
    Keep the good work up,and Happy New Year.
    At least you don’t have to make a New Year resolution!

  2. G’day Kaye

    I’ve just picked up your email and I’m very impressed – 40 minutes, fantasic! You’re right about getting organised to exercise, we need to be very disciplined and allow ourselves the time. I found through several years with yoga, that discipline plays a huge part, I also learnt to not to be too hard on myself if my body wasn’t quite up to it on some days. For example if you miss a day for what ever reason such as family illness or committments, or you’re not quite up to doing the full regime you’ve set for yourself, don’t get the guilts about it as we all have off days, listen to your body, the next day you may be feeling much better.

    I’m not taking yoga classes now as my income isn’t as grand as it use to be so my NY resolution is to get the yoga mat out and set time aside each day, at least 30 minutes. I’ve been doing yoga stretching after I shower for many years now and it helps with my aging body! About 5 weeks ago I put my 3kg weights in the bathroom and I’ve added arm excercises into my shower/yoga routine. I’m already seeing the benefits in my sagging arms and today I’m in a sleeveless top with much more confidence.


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