Week 6/day 1 – get fit plan – AVOID THE HEAT

Good afternoon everyone. What a late start –  3.15pm! It’s such a hot day and there were things to be done before I could think about exercise. Finally I got to it. The heat made it pretty unpleasant but I stuck it out and took an hour to get the session done. This week  the program gives the option of doing 3 repeats of each exercise (which is 3 x 15 of each move) but I am not going to take that on. It already takes me an hour to complete the session as it is. I think 2 repeats is a good limit for me. Increasing the exercises to 3 times a week soon is still moving forward and much more do-able.

Our cooling is not coping with the heat and neither am I. So I’m going now. I will be walking much earlier tomorrow! Have a good night.

Week 5/day 6 – get fit plan – KOOKABURRA AND COFFEE

Morning everyone. Saturday mornings feel more relaxed. After a cup of tea I headed out. It’s going to be a hot day but there was still a lovely coolness this morning. I walked up the street and then took a bit of a detour which was along the river. I thought this would bring the first leg of the walk (no pun) up to 20 minutes but I only gained three. So it took 18 minutes to get to the cafe which is just about the furthest, but the nicest. After a lovely coffee and biscuit sitting in the shade I headed home. Instead of taking the street walk, I ended up turning off to take the river walk. It was a great combination. As always the gums are lovely to walk amongst and a kookaburra calling is always a treat. By the time I got home I had done another 35 minutes. A total of 53 minutes. I was looking forward to finishing by 45 minutes. I took longer than needed but when I increase the daily walk time later on I have found a great route. Have a good day.

Week 5/day 5 – get fit plan – WALKING WHERE I’VE NEVER WALKED BEFORE

Morning everyone. Today I walked in a whole new direction. This came about because we visited friends last night and arrived in two cars. At the end of the evening we took one car home. I thought it would be fun if I walked to get the car the next day. I didn’t know how long this would take. I guessed around 30 minutes which is the minimum that I should be walking. I dropped the kids off at my husband’s work and set off. There was a great walking path for most of the way. If someone had said to me five weeks ago to walk that far, I would have said they were crazy. Now I find that it’s not far enough. And it did take me 30 minutes.

So I have timed a new route. It’s also interesting to see just how long it takes to walk from A to B.  Have a good day.

Week 5/day 4 – get fit plan – THE DOG ON AN ANGLE

Morning everyone. I ummd and aaghd (spelling?) about getting up immediately and walking outside or lying in a bit longer and using the treadmill. Within a few seconds I was up, dressed and out the door. And what a beautiful morning it was. The air was a perfect temperature and the sun was peeping out from the clouds. Lots of walkers who I passed said what a lovely morning it was and usually they just say ‘morning’.

I took the river walk this morning which was great. I never notice the time on this route and enjoy being amongst the gum trees. I passed a mother and little baby in her stroller. The baby looked very cute in her bonnet and seemed to be enjoying her early outing. The award for funniest walkers was to a man with his little white Maltese dog which was straining on its lead so much that its body was at a 45 degree angle and its little legs were going flat out.

I am blogging on the deck, cup of tea now finished.  What else can I say about the walk? It took 37 minutes, my hip didn’t get sore and I really enjoyed it. Have a good day.

Week 5/day 3 – get fit plan – FINISH EXERCISE WITH A BLOG

Hi everyone. I didn’t get out early enough to walk today and I didn’t feel like using the treadmill. Normally I would put off the exercise program for a few days but decided that I would get it done seeing as I was staying indoors. And now it’s done.

With the morning newsy variety shows on TV I actually did okay. Bit by bit I moved along with the program from warm ups to each individual exercise. Those abdominal crunches are hard. I had to stop a few times during each set. That almost happened with the lunges but I managed to push myself to finish each set without stopping.

Having a cup of tea or coffee and sitting down to blog is a nice finish to the morning workout. I never thought I would blog and I never thought I’d do regular exercise. Now I’m doing both. Not bad. Have a good day.

Week 5/day 2 – get fit plan – THE SWARM

Morning everyone.  Today was walking day and the goal was to walk for 40 minutes. I knew that the walking track over the bridge and by the river took 40 minutes so that was where I went. Going up the street and back is 30 minutes so that walk has been superseded.  I will need to find a 10 minute path that joins with the street walk so I can still enjoy that part of town. As the walking times increase according to the program, so will my walking routes. Later through the program I will be walking up to 60 minutes. I have no idea where that might take me.

On my walk this morning I was approached constantly by swarms of flying insects. They were only small and I expected to be hit in the face by them or get one in my eye.  I walked around them or looked down to avoid them and was surprised that not one touched me. What nice little insects. As you can tell, not much happened on my walk. This is why the insect story is so boring. I can tell you that by the time I got home my hip was saying I had gone far enough. I think my fitness is improving as it normally would have complained earlier. Have a good day.

Week 5/day1 – Bewitched helped to make exercises NOT BORING

Hi everyone. Well I’m back into the exercises. Did I enjoy them? Not really. But I’ve made it to week 5. I am curious about how I will view exercises at the end of week 12. Will I feel stronger? Will I see the tone that I’m after? This is why I’m sticking to the exercises and not just walking. But I will need to come up with a way to make exercises not boring. Bewitched was helpful but I think I need more distraction. Although I love Darren and Samantha and even Aunt Clara, I will try something else next time.

I’m finding the lateral raises difficult especially for my left arm. I swap the resistance tube for weights and can do it easily. So I’m wondering if by the end of 12 weeks, will this have changed? So many exciting questions to be answered! Not really. But they will be answered.

The difference in this week’s plan is to increase walking to 40 minutes.  Where will it take me tomorrow?

Bye for now.