Day 5 of get fit plan – coffee or a busker?

Hi everyone.  Walking days seem easier than exercising – just one type of movement. And there is always the option of having a coffee. I took enough money for a mug of flat white when I set off but as it turned out I didn’t get to have my coffee. I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

I set off on my walk after putting on a load of washing but leaving the other chores until later. Normally I would have done housework first and made an excuse that there was now no time to possibly consider exercising. How things have changed. I walked down the street and after 15 minutes was at the cafe I planned to go to. It looked busy so I went to the next one which also seemed too busy. I decided to walk a bit further to a nice little cafe that is always quiet. As I headed towards the quiet cafe I passed a man in his 60’s sitting on the nature strip, singing and playing his guitar. I thought about the $4.00 I had in my purse. I knew that if I gave this man my money, then I couldn’t have the coffee. For about 2 seconds I was thinking how I couldn’t possibly give him my coffee money, then I thought, of course I can. I’ll make a coffee when I get home. So I put my coins on his guitar case. He smiled at me and said thankyou very much. Actually, that was better than the flat white.

So I actually completed a 30 minute walk which was a really comfortable length.  15  seems too short and 40 too long.  That’s it for now. Must go and make that coffee.


12 thoughts on “Day 5 of get fit plan – coffee or a busker?

  1. Today I am off to the movies this afternoon. As I have a driver I will start walking 30 – 40 mins on the way there,and then get picked up. Something nice at the end ie. the movie “The Tourist”.

    • Hi Barb. That sounds like a great way to fit a walk in. What flavoured choc top will you have? I like the choc-mint. Hope you enjoy the movie.

  2. Hi All, Boy you are all so good, I have not done any walking since New Years Eve !! Will get back into my walks to work when we reopen the office. Mark’s turn this Tuesday to Friday to wait for the mail and answer phone messages. We will both be back full time on the 10th. Then I will be doing my 6km to the office each day. In the meantime its renovations for a definite sale!!!! Love Bed of Roses too! Tootles

    • Hi CArol. Enjoy your week off. Sounds like there is a lot to do if you are looking to sell. That’s a full time job in itself. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to do 6km but hopefully at the end of my 12 week program my hips will be well trained. Stay tuned!

  3. Hi Kaye

    Nice one to you today, giving up your coffee money. It was obvioulsy meant to be that all the other coffee shops were busy.

    I fulfilled my NY resolution at around 8:40pm last night. I thought I couldn’t manage it but after watching Bed of Roses (my fav at the moment), I read your blog and you inspired me! I did 45 minutes of yoga and found that I’ve lost heaps of flexibility and the worst thing was I had difficulting reading the instructions so I had to wear my reading glases – tonight should be better.

    Barb, I love your piece about the vodka martini, – I polished off a malabu & pineapple juice after my yoga – yummy!!

    Ciao for now.

    • Hi Jenny
      What a great story. The exercise get fit bug is biting. The malabu & juice sounds so refreshing! Might go and have a bubbly right now! I also have to pop on the reading glasses. I wish there was an exercise to fix that one! Bye.

  4. Hello again, I had the guilts not walking today.So I have just taken the ever appreciative dog for a 30 minute walk. A beautiful sunny afternoon in the hills. Loved it.

  5. Good morning. That was a great little adventure to get your coffee. See once you start something new,it leads to other things happening;which normally wouldn’t.What fun!!!!! I did today’s exercise last night.
    I was sitting alone, having poured myself a vodka martini, musing over the world’s happenings,and listening to my favourite music.
    A song I really loved came on,so I turned up the volume full blast. Next thing I was up on my feet ;doing an Isadora Duncan style aerobics session in front of the mirror;thinking how inventive I was,and looked. So had to continue through quite a few more numbers. Gave my upper trunk and arms a thorough workout.
    Any fly on the wall would have had hysterics!! But the vodka made me feel like a super star. And so tomorrow.

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