Day 6/week 2 – get fit plan – new shorts and resistance tube by two

Hi everyone.  I was reluctant to begin my exercises this morning and kept putting it off knowing I had to increase the workload. So I went and did the grocery shopping first. On the way home I called in at a sports store.  I only have one pair of walking pants and thought a pair of shorts would be the go. I saw a lady with some on the other day and they looked good. So I bought a pair of black Reebok shorts. I felt more enthusiastic once I got home and put them on. A year ago I had bought a black Nike sports top so that went well with the shorts. Anything that helps is a good thing.

My two daughters who do jazz joined me  and showed me how they warm up before a class. We did that together. Some of their stretches are the same as what I have to do. Once we’d finished that they mucked around and talked too much. If they join me next time I’ll have to put some limits on how long they stay in the room.

So today was the beginning of week two. This week according to the CSIRO Exercise Plan I still have to walk three times and complete the resistance tube program twice, but must do two sets of the exercises instead of one. I am getting more familiar with the correct way to do the exercises. I had been doing the arm press wrong and today I got it right. I’m sure there are others that I need to perfect. Completing the second set definitely made a difference. I felt my muscles tiring more compared to when I did only one set.

I think that being familiar with the exercises definitely helps. I don’t like having to look at the book all the time and try to understand what to do. I hope to just have a list one day and know what the triceps press is without reading instructions.

I shall continue on and continue blogging. I didn’t know that computers could be such great motivators.

Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Day 6/week 2 – get fit plan – new shorts and resistance tube by two

  1. Hi Kaye, Keep up the good work, I’m getting into the house & garden today, lots to do before it gets too hot. bye for now Carol

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