Day 7/week 2 – get fit plan – a polite magpie

Hi everyone. I completed my exercise early today.  My husband was going back to work today so I had to do my walk before he left for work. So at 7.30 I set off. It was such a lovely clear morning. There was a slight chill in the air and not many people around. I walked up the main road and didn’t stop for 20 minutes until I called in at Gloria Jeans to get a coffee to take home. With coffee in hand I continued on and saw a magpie sitting on the nature strip next to the footpath. He looked at me and went ‘wardle wardle wardle’. It was as if he was saying good morning.  So of course I said good morning right back. Am I going mad? No, I’ve always been this way.

Anyway, I won’t bother buying coffee to take home as it was almost cold by the time I got there.  And something I need to improve  is my walking speed/style. I don’t feel puffed enough so I might need to take longer strides. I’ll work on that. I think jogging would do me in so I won’t try that yet.

Have a good day all. I’m done for now.


10 thoughts on “Day 7/week 2 – get fit plan – a polite magpie

  1. I look forward to your blogs each day, they make me smile and even laugh at times. I walk for an hour each morning and have thought I may add some strengthening exercises. Your blogs might just do the trick.

    • Thanks for that. I’m sure once you start doing some exercises you’ll keep it up. I certainly have some catching up to do with the walking though. One hour? That seems out of my reach at the moment. Towards the end of this program I will have to do that though. Aaarrrgghh!

  2. Hi there, it takes me 1 & 1/4 hrs to walk the 6 kms, bit longer if I window shop. my favourite part of the walk is through the park lands in the city as the sprinklers have been on & its so cool and lots of ducks near the lake. I wear very light clothes, even in winter as you get quite warm and there I am in a t-shirt when almost at work and others in their jackets!! I am missing the walk into work, but all back to normal on Monday,Tootles for now Carol

    • It’s great that walking becomes something to be missed. There is a lot to see on walks that you miss when going by car. The walk by the lake sounds nice. I must go and exercise right now! Will blog soon.

  3. Hi Kaye
    Love your blog. Interesting little stories especially about your walks.
    Also interesting that you said a few days ago that the walking was the most energetic part of the exercise plan and now you are saying that walking isn’t puffing you out enough – you must be getting fitter!! I agree it can be hard getting a fast walking speed and then maintaing it – I tend to subconsciously relax back into a stroll which isn’t all that effective!

    I’m yet to make a new years resolution but you could inspire me so I’ll keep reading.

    • Hi Suzy
      I do tend to just walk and think and then fail to keep to a regular rythym. I try to get my legs to go quickly, I pretended yesterday that I had to catch a bus but I still didn’t go much faster. I’m sure there is a technique. Thanks for your comments. I still have a way to go. Kaye

  4. Well after my big walk up hill and down on the way to the movies yesterday, I feel that I can do little jogs along the way;say a minute here and there. Too much not good for a 62 year old.
    Today, I dusted off my exercise ball,and did warm ups, stretches, some crunches on the ball,and leg lifts. Then got my weights for some arm toning. I didn’t do more than 15mins today,as I need to ease back into it.
    I had learnt all the exercises last year,when I did a 3 month stint at the gym. So Kaye, you are keeping me motivated! I would probably put it off, if I was doing it on my own.
    You are really getting into it now;with your gym gear etc. Will be back!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Barb. Sounds like you’re doing better than me! Glad that you are getting back into it. Very impressed with your up hill walk. That’s always a tough one. Gradually building on exercise is the way to go. I am sure the benefits are there. Have a great day.

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