Day 8/week 2 – get fit plan – a good workout

Hi all. I have just finished one hour of exercises. I began as usual with the 5 minutes warmup on the treadmill. That’s the easy part. Then I spent 10 minutes on stretches. I realised that I was doing the hamstring stretch wrong and once I corrected it, I could feel the pull on the hamstring. That’s always a good test. If the name of the exercise is for triceps, then that’s what you should feel stretching.

Then I completed two sets of the resistance exercises. There are 13 different exercises. Some are definitely less enjoyable than others. The ‘arm press’ which involves use of the resistance tube is hard on the arm muscles. My left arm has a weakness in the bicep muscle so I hope that I can bring that up to the same level as my right arm. At the moment I am supposed to do between 8-12 repeats of each exercise (then 8-12 again). So I do 10, rest, then another 10. By the end of the week I probably should be up to 12 and 12.

I had the tv on today and ‘Friends’ was on. That certainly makes it a more fun atmosphere. I’m looking forward to a snack and a coffee right now. Off on my walk tomorrow. Have a good day.


3 thoughts on “Day 8/week 2 – get fit plan – a good workout

  1. I don’t think I could do the exercise part of getting fit, but the TV does help get you through and I find that listening to my IPod seems to get me there quicker on my walk,if I find myself thinking of negative things,I plug in the music. My favorite song is Dirty Dancing by Black Eyed Peas at the moment!! It IS a better walk in the early mornings too as its less traffic and so crisp and I find myself walking on the road at 5-30 am to the city, cause you only have to walk in dogs poo once to put you off the foot paths, and some of ours are so uneven. Bye for now Carol

    • Seems like walking is a bit of a favourite. Even I’m favouring it and I used to hate it! I think compared to crunches and lateral raises it has come out looking like a great way to stay fit and to enjoy the surroundings.

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