Day 9/week 2 – get fit plan – a shorter route

Morning all. As husband had to get to work and I slept in a bit, I needed a shorter route. At 8.15am I headed south instead of north.  I didn’t do a warm up and began walking a little too quickly. Within 2 minutes I felt my calf tense up. I stopped and did stretches for both legs. I was quite pleased with myself that I knew what to do and that it worked. I walked up to the main road into town. It was a different feeling to be side by side with the traffic but was still a route that I have never walked before. It was nice to pass other walkers, most were older and some had their dogs with them.

Once I crossed the bridge and ended up on the walking track it was more peaceful and pleasant especially with the big gums alongside. I can’t walk fast enough to feel moderate puffing so I started to do a Cliff Young shuffle. Within 20 seconds I couldn’t take it. If only I could find something in between! Heart and lungs are yet to be trained.

I made it back within 25 minutes. Perfect. All in time for husband to go to work. Now I’m going to have a shower and have brekky. Have a good day all.


2 thoughts on “Day 9/week 2 – get fit plan – a shorter route

  1. By swinging you hands shoulder height when you walk you will increase your heart rate. Arms can be bent, but hands need to be high.This should also increase the pace you walk. Good luck.

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