Day 10/week 2 – get fit plan – the lure of the treadmill

Hi all. I woke up and the first thing I thought of, instead of a cup of tea, was to do my exercises. This really is a first. At 7am I got started. The good thing about warming up on the treadmill is that I like it. From there I can’t turn back and move onto the stretches, which I don’t mind either. So I am lured into the whole hour of exercises.

There are definitely some exercises I favour over others. At the end of the 12 weeks I think I’ll be dumping some of them and keeping the rest.  I quite like the squats. They sound a bit yukky, reminds me of public toilets. But they really get the body working and I got quite puffed doing two set of those. I also like the bicep curl. Today I used hand weights with the curl and I looked like somebody who knew what they were doing.

To ease into the workout is so important. When I think about beginning I just get my shoes on, have a drink of water, put the tv on and get on the treadmill. I’m committed . Then I look forward to blogging at the end. I hope that I find the whole bit in the middle more luring as time goes on.

Have a good day.


5 thoughts on “Day 10/week 2 – get fit plan – the lure of the treadmill

  1. Had a gorgeous early morning walk for 40 mins. Past kangaroos, huge goannas,ducks, geese,beautiful waterfalls with lily ponds. Off now for more walking;this time retail therapy.

  2. You are really getting into the swing of things. Do you feel different ie. about starting each day? It seems like the routines are getting established. This makes a huge difference for me. Due to the rain where I am I had a 30 min walk when it stopped. Will do some laps in the pool,this afternoon,followed by a spa. Will try and keep up with you.

    • Hi there. Sounds like you are committed to fitting in exercise wherever you go and no matter the weather. Excellent. Enjoy your fabulous holiday.

    • Sorry, meant to say that I can’t give in, whereas in the past I would already have chucked it in. Having a set plan and a target (12 weeks) I am confident that I can complete the program. Getting more familiar with the exercises means it’s not so hard. I’m the sort of person that if I don’t fully understand what to do, then I put it off and off and off. Once I know how to do something, then I’m into it. When the kids go back to school next month my timetable will change a lot.

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