Week 3/day 1 – get fit plan – a dead end

Hi all. With the rain last night the morning was fresh and cool. Just right for walking. This week my walks are to be between 20-30 minutes. I’ll be aiming for 30 minutes which is what I did this morning. Also, I have changed my post heading to say the day of the week rather than a running total of the days.

I headed north and went past the cafes and shops. But as with any walk, you can come back a different way. You can always turn down a different street that connects with the one that you need to get back to. I walked 15 minutes then took a left instead of a right. There is a nice walk that goes part way along the river. After a little while I saw that the walking track was temporarily closed. I found myself at the back of shops or buildings, not quite sure what they were but I was surrounded by corrugated iron fences. I thought I would have to go back as it seemed like a dead end. I found my way out and back onto the main street. There are always variations in walks that’s for sure. That’s all for now. Time to get on with the rest of the day.


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