Get fit plan – Week 3/day 2 – blogging outdoors

Hi everyone.  I’ve taken the laptop outdoors and can blog in the lovely cool air that we are still getting at the moment. We have had more rain but luckily we are not in the same position as those up north.  As I did my one hour session this morning I watched in shock at the flash flood situation in Queensland. It is truly devestating.

My exercises went well and took one hour from warm up to finish. I really like the lateral pull-down as you sit on the floor and pull the resistance tube.  In the sitting position I feel well-balanced and have more support to pull down. In comparison I hate the abdominal crunch as if it’s not done correctly you can strain the neck, which I have a tendency to do.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not but I think my arms look more toned. I’m sure it is way too early for any such signs to be showing. I think it’s wishful thinking. I still have almost 10 weeks to go. I’m no Jane Fonda but I hope to gain some of her stamina as time goes on.

Have a good day.


4 thoughts on “Get fit plan – Week 3/day 2 – blogging outdoors

  1. Hi there,golf practice today,and lots of walking.Now it’s time for coffee. More practice this afternoon on the driving range. Good for the upper body.Loving my variety,while on holidays.

  2. Hi kaye, it sounds as though you are getting right into it. I know what you mean about crunches. I did mine yesterday after a 45 min walk in the rain. I do my crunches by crossing my legs up in the air.Then touching my feet one at a time,with my fingertips. It saves the strain on your neck,and it just as effective.Lots of walking in the rain today.

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