Week 3/day 3 extra post

Hi everyone. I just did another spot of exercise. The kids wanted to go out on their new scooters. So we went on the 25 minute walk I did the other day which is over the bridge and along the river. I wish I had have taken my bike though. I had to jog most of the way to keep up with the scooters. We made plenty of stops so that I didn’t get too puffed. I didn’t find it too hard surprisingly. Does this mean I am getting fitter?


5 thoughts on “Week 3/day 3 extra post

  1. Hi Kaye, Went for a 45 minute walk yesterday when the rain finally stopped.
    It’s mighty hot today but fantastic for pulling out weeds after the drenching rains.

  2. Hi Kaye,are you still going? Today I played 2 sets of tennis early this am. Then a 20 min walk. Will do another 30 mins today. Then off to the driving range,and beach.Hope your program is still manageable.

  3. Hi Kaye, you are certainly showing lots of promise,with all your varied activity. I only did a bit of walking yesterday,as out on a tour. A bit of rainforest walking,and watching a huge dam spill over with all the Qld rain.Mind bogling! Today an early morning walk before breakfast,then off to the beach. Lovely sunny day here. Then maybe tennis? Keep up your good work.Cycling is also fun.

  4. Hi Kaye, well done with the program, you’re sticking to it like glue! I haven’t had a chance to check your blog daily as the B&B has been so busy but life is getting back to normal now and I’ve just read your recent experiences. My yoga mat had to be put away for a while but we’re now back on track, I’ve had plenty of other exercise too, today was cleaning windows – great for the arms!
    Enjoy your evening, Jenny

    • Hi Jenny. You’ve done well to check out my blog at all. Life would be hectic there. I know about the arm exercises. Yesterday when I cleaned the shower I found myself getting tired. Glad you are enjoying the yoga. It’s something I haven’t tried before. Maybe one day. Nice to hear from you. Bye for now, Kaye

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