Week 3/day3 – get fit plan – fowl warning

Hi everyone. I went for a walk at 7am and the temperature was so perfect and the air refreshing. It is overcast as well which I think is ideal. I can’t believe that after two weeks since I started my get fit plan, going for a walk is something that I no longer balk at. I have set down a plan and it is working. I am including exercise in my life and actually enjoying it. I don’t really enjoy the exercises, but I do enjoy the walking.

Today I walked up the street and the nice part was the lack of noise and cars . Things are at a different stage at that hour. People walking or jogging, workers sweeping and some shop owners putting chairs and tables out for customers. A group of about 12 cyclists zoomed past and stopped at a cafe further up the street. I could see them all seated out on the pavement.  There was no way I was going to walk past them so I took a left.

I found myself in an open kind of area not far from the river. There were two water fowl type birds wandering about, quite large, the size of geese I suppose. Well, they didn’t like me being there at all. They started making loud warning sounds that continued on until I hightailed it back the way I had come. I crossed the street and headed towards home. I went down some different streets, marvelling at how much variety there is in route choices. A turn here, another turn there. It’s never boring or the same.

Now I’m hungry. Can’t wait for a cup of tea and some toast. I’m not sure what time I will be blogging tomorrow or even if I will. I might have to do two days worth at the end of Friday as I have a few things on. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 3/day3 – get fit plan – fowl warning

  1. Hooray, after being trapped inside for 3 days I have been able to get out and take a walk this morning. Even though it is still overcast at least the rain has stopped so far this morning. Keep up the good work Kaye, hope you end up loving exercise as much as I do.

    • The rain is unbelievable isn’t it. We are just getting spits here but have had enough over the last few days to water the garden nicely. Glad you were able to stretch your legs and yes, I am hoping that walking will be something I end up loving.

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