Week 3/day 4 – get fit plan – treadmill vs street

Hello all. I’ve been running around Melbourne in the rain the last two days and am now home. Nothing I did qualifies as part of the program but I’ve just finished a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. I had to choose between a walk or the exercises today. As I was catching up on jobs around the home and the dreaded loads of washing that gang up on me when I’ve been away even for a short time, I chose the walk.

I had to use the treadmill as the kids are home. I can tell you that I’d rather walk outside. Although the treadmill is convenient and can be used no matter what the weather, I found myself looking at the clock the whole time, feeling bored when the ads came on tv and feeling like jelly once I’d finished. So there it is. I like warm-ups on the treadmill but the fresh air, sights around town and my walking style are better on the street. Till tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day.


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