Week 3/day 5 – get fit plan – exercise first

Morning all.  After a cup of tea I got straight into the exercises. I learnt my lesson yesterday about starting late in the day. I don’t want to do that again. I was bothered by it all day until I finally did my walk. Right now I am having my breakfast and have the laptop on the kitchen bench. Much better.

It takes me a while to get anything done at the moment as I keep looking at the tv to see what is happening with the Queensland floods. It is such a devastating scene. But watching it had the opposite effect as I exercised this morning. It certainly made the hour go quickly.

This is the last day of this week’s program. Tomorrow I start week 4. The program involves increasing the walking to 4 times a week but still for 30 minutes. The exercises are still 2 sets twice a week but an increase to 15 repetitions of each set. The weekly increases keep the program interesting.

I’m looking forward to my walk tomorrow morning. Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Week 3/day 5 – get fit plan – exercise first

  1. Well done Kaye, you are keeping on top of it all very well indeed. I am a bit pooped today. Loads of walking at this resort. I had another very active tennis session before breakfast today.And as I hadn’t played for over a year,so aching muscles from today and yesterday. Also sore calf muscles from walking in the sand on the beach yesterday. I may get to the driving range,or maybe just on the couch with a book. Cheers

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