Week 4/day 1 – get fit plan – time restraints no good

Morning all. Well it’s an unusually cool morning. You wouldn’t think it’s the middle of summer. But how fabulous for walking. I went out at 7.10 am knowing that I had to get back by 7.30. I was under pressure from the beginning which I didn’t like.  But off I went. When I got down the street I stopped and chatted with some neighbours who were out walking their dog. It didn’t feel like we spoke for very long but I realised it was already 7.30. I couldn’t walk as far as I wanted and had to high-tail it home.  I ended up jogging most of the way home, which I don’t think I could have done three weeks ago. I was puffed when I got home but didn’t feel as though I would keel over. Maybe I am getting fitter. But one thing I know, it’s not pleasant to walk with time restraints.


2 thoughts on “Week 4/day 1 – get fit plan – time restraints no good

  1. Hi Kaye, time always seems to go quickly when you know someone is waiting for you. I didn’t do any excercise today, I went to the tennis at Melbourne Park with a girlfriend – tomorrow I’ll make up for it and I’m sure you will too. Have a lovely evening.

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