Week 4/day 2 – get fit plan – extra exercises

Morning all. I got into the exercises first thing – after a cup of tea that is. Today was the first day of increasing the repeats for each exercise. I found that by the time I got to 12 repeats, I was dreading the next 3. By the time I did 10 lunges for example on each leg, I felt that that was just right but then with the next 5 I was just able to complete it. Then it is repeated. I ended up doing 30 lunges on each leg. That is just one of the exercises. The program pushes me along and if I wasn’t following the books’ program, I can tell you I would not be doing this. But I finish one exercise and look to see what’s next and just do it. The whole idea is to get fitter and to make it a habit though. So I will keep pushing along and I’m sure I will see a difference over the coming weeks. I hope to develop my own routine after the 12 weeks based on what I’ve done. Still a way to go. Must eat now. Have a great day.


3 thoughts on “Week 4/day 2 – get fit plan – extra exercises

  1. Hi Kaye, I do like your new format. It looks quite impressive. I have just arrived home after my hols.So today has been running around unpacking etc. Lots of jobs. I plan to cut the lawn,which is quite big for today’s exercise. Later when it is cool. You are going great guns,keep it up.Cheers.

  2. You are doing so well, I impressed.
    I am walking at 5am now as the weather has become very hot. At 5 it is still fresh with dew on the grass. Look forward to you blogs each day, keep them coming.

    • Thanks Wendy. 5am is a tad early but if you love walking, then I can see that you have to beat that heat. The dewy grass sounds nice. Do you have a light on your hat? I would imagine it being quite dark at that hour. Enjoy the day.

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