Week 4/days 5&6 – get fit plan – mountain walks

Hi everyone. I was away from home for a few days but thoroughly enjoyed being on a mountain with all its beauty. Although I didn’t do my exercises, I walked each day. Compared to walking on the flat, uphill and downhill is quite challenging. On the first day I made the kids go with me. Going downhill, and yes there is a wonderful coffee shop at the bottom, requires walking in a way that stops you falling head first. Then going uphill requires trying not to pull a calf muscle. The puff factor is very real on the uphill walk. Well the whingeing from one of my daughters on the uphill return was gruelling to say the least. All she wanted to do was to get in a car and be taken home. So the walk wasn’t quite as pleasant as it could have been. I kept turning around and seeing my daughter sitting on the ground and saying she couldn’t stand it. It was good to get home to say the least. The next day I walked by myself. Much easier with no complaints.  I really appreciated the views and fresh air. Back to the exercises tomorrow and I will have to check the book to see what changes need to be made for week 5. Have a good evening.


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