Week 5/day1 – Bewitched helped to make exercises NOT BORING

Hi everyone. Well I’m back into the exercises. Did I enjoy them? Not really. But I’ve made it to week 5. I am curious about how I will view exercises at the end of week 12. Will I feel stronger? Will I see the tone that I’m after? This is why I’m sticking to the exercises and not just walking. But I will need to come up with a way to make exercises not boring. Bewitched was helpful but I think I need more distraction. Although I love Darren and Samantha and even Aunt Clara, I will try something else next time.

I’m finding the lateral raises difficult especially for my left arm. I swap the resistance tube for weights and can do it easily. So I’m wondering if by the end of 12 weeks, will this have changed? So many exciting questions to be answered! Not really. But they will be answered.

The difference in this week’s plan is to increase walking to 40 minutes.  Where will it take me tomorrow?

Bye for now.


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