Week 5/day 2 – get fit plan – THE SWARM

Morning everyone.  Today was walking day and the goal was to walk for 40 minutes. I knew that the walking track over the bridge and by the river took 40 minutes so that was where I went. Going up the street and back is 30 minutes so that walk has been superseded.  I will need to find a 10 minute path that joins with the street walk so I can still enjoy that part of town. As the walking times increase according to the program, so will my walking routes. Later through the program I will be walking up to 60 minutes. I have no idea where that might take me.

On my walk this morning I was approached constantly by swarms of flying insects. They were only small and I expected to be hit in the face by them or get one in my eye.  I walked around them or looked down to avoid them and was surprised that not one touched me. What nice little insects. As you can tell, not much happened on my walk. This is why the insect story is so boring. I can tell you that by the time I got home my hip was saying I had gone far enough. I think my fitness is improving as it normally would have complained earlier. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 5/day 2 – get fit plan – THE SWARM

  1. Hi there, haven’t commented for a couple of days. I had a big walk in the city yesterday. But I chose the wrong shoes. So had very sore feet after 40 mins. Today I did my weights ,and a 30 min walk with the dog. Much warmer today,so was out early. I am going to get myself a pedometer,to see how much I actually walk per day. My workshop is at the bottom of the garden,and I am up and down about 20 times during the day.Your insects have been well brought up. That is why they did not go near you.A good consistent run by you,and now it’s WEEK 5!!!!!!!

    • Hi Barb. I think you’re going great. Such a variety of activities. The pedometer will be interesting. You’ll probably be shocked at how much you do in one day. And do get the right shoes won’t you. Sore feet are a pain!! Bye for now.

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