Week 5/day 3 – get fit plan – FINISH EXERCISE WITH A BLOG

Hi everyone. I didn’t get out early enough to walk today and I didn’t feel like using the treadmill. Normally I would put off the exercise program for a few days but decided that I would get it done seeing as I was staying indoors. And now it’s done.

With the morning newsy variety shows on TV I actually did okay. Bit by bit I moved along with the program from warm ups to each individual exercise. Those abdominal crunches are hard. I had to stop a few times during each set. That almost happened with the lunges but I managed to push myself to finish each set without stopping.

Having a cup of tea or coffee and sitting down to blog is a nice finish to the morning workout. I never thought I would blog and I never thought I’d do regular exercise. Now I’m doing both. Not bad. Have a good day.


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