Week 5/day 4 – get fit plan – THE DOG ON AN ANGLE

Morning everyone. I ummd and aaghd (spelling?) about getting up immediately and walking outside or lying in a bit longer and using the treadmill. Within a few seconds I was up, dressed and out the door. And what a beautiful morning it was. The air was a perfect temperature and the sun was peeping out from the clouds. Lots of walkers who I passed said what a lovely morning it was and usually they just say ‘morning’.

I took the river walk this morning which was great. I never notice the time on this route and enjoy being amongst the gum trees. I passed a mother and little baby in her stroller. The baby looked very cute in her bonnet and seemed to be enjoying her early outing. The award for funniest walkers was to a man with his little white Maltese dog which was straining on its lead so much that its body was at a 45 degree angle and its little legs were going flat out.

I am blogging on the deck, cup of tea now finished.  What else can I say about the walk? It took 37 minutes, my hip didn’t get sore and I really enjoyed it. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 5/day 4 – get fit plan – THE DOG ON AN ANGLE

  1. Hello there, I had a day off yesterday. Had a chop barbie,and relaxed. Today I am walking this afternoon,as my work called very early today. It is pretty warm,so I will leave it until later on. Lots of shady trees on my walking track luckily. I do prefer the early morning though, I have more energy,and it is a great start to the day. Exercise is addictive. Keep on keeping on, yay

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