Week 5/day 5 – get fit plan – WALKING WHERE I’VE NEVER WALKED BEFORE

Morning everyone. Today I walked in a whole new direction. This came about because we visited friends last night and arrived in two cars. At the end of the evening we took one car home. I thought it would be fun if I walked to get the car the next day. I didn’t know how long this would take. I guessed around 30 minutes which is the minimum that I should be walking. I dropped the kids off at my husband’s work and set off. There was a great walking path for most of the way. If someone had said to me five weeks ago to walk that far, I would have said they were crazy. Now I find that it’s not far enough. And it did take me 30 minutes.

So I have timed a new route. It’s also interesting to see just how long it takes to walk from A to B.  Have a good day.


3 thoughts on “Week 5/day 5 – get fit plan – WALKING WHERE I’VE NEVER WALKED BEFORE

  1. Hi Kaye, it is great to see you thinking about all the possibilities for changing your walking routine. It makes it more fun,and you will always see something different. Often when I have the time, I set off for a very long walk, say to the next village,and then get picked up at the end. These are usually say, 5 km + walks. Not marathons,but it is another challenge. And you know you will be picked up at the end. I lugged trolleys of tiles to my workshop early this morning. So had lifting and walking together. Then some crunches this afternoon,as I have put a bit on around the middle since my Christmas break. Really annoying,just because you have fun!!!!

  2. Congratulations Kaye, you are progressing wonderfully. Not only will your body be become stronger and fitter but your mind set is changing. Enjoy!

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