Week 5/day 6 – get fit plan – KOOKABURRA AND COFFEE

Morning everyone. Saturday mornings feel more relaxed. After a cup of tea I headed out. It’s going to be a hot day but there was still a lovely coolness this morning. I walked up the street and then took a bit of a detour which was along the river. I thought this would bring the first leg of the walk (no pun) up to 20 minutes but I only gained three. So it took 18 minutes to get to the cafe which is just about the furthest, but the nicest. After a lovely coffee and biscuit sitting in the shade I headed home. Instead of taking the street walk, I ended up turning off to take the river walk. It was a great combination. As always the gums are lovely to walk amongst and a kookaburra calling is always a treat. By the time I got home I had done another 35 minutes. A total of 53 minutes. I was looking forward to finishing by 45 minutes. I took longer than needed but when I increase the daily walk time later on I have found a great route. Have a good day.


3 thoughts on “Week 5/day 6 – get fit plan – KOOKABURRA AND COFFEE

  1. Hi Kaye, well I haven’t checked in on you for a week or two now but I’ve just caught up with your experiences. You’re doing an amazing job sticking with it, well done. My yoga mat was put away when the pest control people came and I haven’t got it again. I’m not too worried about the lack of yoga as I’m getting plenty of excercise with the B&B, occassional tennis and Rich & I have had a few long walks. Keep up the great pace.

  2. Well Kaye, what a great start to the day. I set off early as well, a very hot day ahead. I had to laugh that being a Saturday. All the paper deliveries were still sitting outside most people’s home. So I know what they were doing! A 30min walk today over the railway line,along a beautiful shady footpath. Then some crunches. Boy! do I need them, and some weights. When you look back to the beginning of your blog, what a change from the way you first thought about all this exercise. And you are buzzing along now at a rate of knots. Off to the beach later today. Will get a nice walk in the sand,once it is cooler. Enjoy your weekend. Ciao for now

    • Hi Barb. You are an exerciser to be applauded. And you know how to enjoy your settings. Enjoy the beach and thanks for all the positive feedback. Have a good weekend.

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