Week 6/day 3 – get fit plan – 5 for 1 and new runners

Hello everyone. I completed my walk today in 5 stages. First of all I walked to the supermarket with my pull-cart. My daughter came with me on her scooter. Then I pulled home my groceries which added a bit of resistance so that was good. Altogether that was 15 minutes of walking.

 Then I went on another walk on my own. I went up the street and paid the paper account then stopped off at the sports store. I bought a pair of Adidas shorts, black with a white stripe and new runners. I told the assistant that my Nike Air Windrunners were over 20 years old. She nearly fainted. Not really but she was pretty surprised. I walked home in my new Adidas Response Cushion shoes. They felt great. Also they were reduced from $159 to $90. Considering how much these shoes will be used I think that’s great value. I took things even further by ordering on-line (the sports store didn’t have one of these) a medium strength resistance tube. The one I use now is a bit too strong for some of my exercises. I will still use the strong one with the door attachment exercises but the medium tube will be perfect for lateral raises and other freestanding exercises. So I am feeling like a sporty kind of person. Well, someone who exercises anyway. Can’t wait to get my new tube! Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 6/day 3 – get fit plan – 5 for 1 and new runners

  1. You have been busy. I threw my runners in the bin before I came back from holidays, so now have to get some brand new ones. I will look up the Adidas site,and see what is on special. I still have a spare pair which I am using at the moment,but need to upgrade. Walked 30mins today to the local store,bought the paper. Did weights and stretches before the walk. Crunches this avo. A lot cooler,which makes things easier. I can see that you have all the IN gear for exercising. I am a bit behind in that area. I do know that good gear makes you look and feel good though. Enjoy!!!!!!

    • Hi Barb. Adding to my sporting clothes and equipment is quite fun. It must be a sign that I am enjoying it! Who would have thought. You are going great guns with your exercise. Keep it up.

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