Week 6/day 3 – get fit plan – THE END OF EARLY WALKS

Hi everyone. Tomorrow the kids go back to school. Here ends the opportunity to go on early morning walks, which I have not taken full advantage of but when I have done them, I have appreciated the great start to the day and the coolness. Of course I will still be able to walk early on weekends so it’s not truly the end.

Today I walked south then north which added the ten minutes I needed to do the walk up the street. When I started to flag I looked at the time and realised I’d done 30 minutes. But I still found it quite okay for the next ten minutes. Also within that ten minutes I slow down. I think it’s more my legs that start to tire. I will not be deterred! I will go on!

My new shoes were nice and spongy too. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 6/day 3 – get fit plan – THE END OF EARLY WALKS

  1. Hi Kaye, yes there will always be deterrents to exercise. It is just a matter of rearranging your day. Today, I decided on a more difficult walk. I walked into the local village for breakfast. This was 40 mins up hill;puff puff ,and down dale. I passed lots of older men on their own; older men with paunches. Obviously a lot of New Year’s resolution here. A mild cloudy day; I was pooped at the end. After fruit salad and yoghurt;black coffee, I was rejuvinated. A lift home was a treat at the end. Lots of stretches to cool down. Still waiting to get new walking shoes. You are a winner!

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