Week 6/day 5 – get fit plan – RAIN PUTS ME INSIDE

Morning everyone. After the school drop off, helping my husband choose some new glasses frames and then having a coffee with him, I was back home and ready for my walk. Then, it started to rain. I knew we were due for lots of rain tomorrow and I was going to get the walk in today, but it wasn’t to be. I hope I can get out tomorrow because I just can’t face 40 minutes on the treadmill.

But I did complete my second days worth of exercises. As always it takes one hour. There was no tv reception when I started and I couldn’t work the DVD player. Too many machines, buttons, remotes… But then luckily after a few splutters the digital reception kicked in. I watched a couple of kids shows and then the Circle. All was good and I rowed and lunged my way through the exercises. I think my legs are showing a bit of tone as I can really feel the muscles working when I do those squats and lunges. I am still looking forward to getting my medium strength resistance tube. Have a good day.


4 thoughts on “Week 6/day 5 – get fit plan – RAIN PUTS ME INSIDE

  1. Hello there, funny day today. Humidity 80% due to the effects of Yasi. So a very hard early morning walk. Did manage 30 mins. Some crunches today. Maybe thunder and rain later,also due to the cyclone. Could do with some rain now. You must be pretty toned up by now. Just think you are over the halfway mark!!!!! A great effort!

    • Thanks Barb. The humidity is very high so am looking forward to a cool change tomorrow. I begin week 7 on Monday. There will be more increases but I’m ready for them. The increases keep the program interesting. Hope you can get a walk in tomorrow without getting soaked.

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