Week 6/day 6 – get fit plan – DON’T PLAY NEAR STORMWATER

Hi everyone. It’s another drizzly day but not enough to force me inside. The misty rain has not let up all morning so I decided to put a raincoat on and head out. I stayed dry but got hot fairly quickly. Luckily the rain eased so I took off the raincoat and rolled it into a manageable size. I think carrying the coat added to my workout as I felt more puffed. I was the only walker at 11am although I did pass an elderly lady with coat and hat using her walker. When I crossed the bridge and took the walking track I turned around to see a gofer with its little orange flag waving about, coming towards me. The lady driving  soon passed me and I had the track to myself again.

As I turned onto the next footbridge I noticed two bikes lying at the entrance to the bridge. I knew that kids must be under the bridge so I looked through the slats as I walked across. Then I saw a girl and boy, around 12 and 10, down the riverbank edging towards a large stormwater pipe which had water gushing out of it. The bank was muddy and the girl was only a metre from the water’s edge and the pipe. Being a mother I stopped and leaned over the railing and told them to get back up the bank and how dangerous it was. I was relieved when they began climbing back up the bank. I hung around to make sure they got on their bikes, which they did.  One slip and the girl would have ended up in the water.

The rain started up again just as I got home. It was lovely and cool out today and I did a 35 minute walk. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 6/day 6 – get fit plan – DON’T PLAY NEAR STORMWATER

  1. Hi there, Sunday morning,and I set off to the local cafe for breakfast. A cool sunny morning,so a really enjoyable 30 min walk. Then bought veges for the garden;so had a workout digging,and catching white butterflies with my butterfly net. I ran around in circles like a crazy woman. Now for some crunches,and onwards ever onwards. I would love there to be some drizzle to walk in! And good on you for reprimanding those children. Accidents can happen so quickly.

    • Hi. What a lovely Sunday you’ve had so far. This is my last week of not working out on Sundays. Next week, tomorrow, begins a 7 days a week commitment. Those white butterflies are cabbage moths. They can be tamed and make lovely companions. They will sit on your nose while you watch tv and very cheap to look after. Hope your garden grows plentifully.

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