Week 7/day 1 – get fit plan – EVER FELT UN-HELLO-WORTHY?

Hi everyone. My goal this week is to walk 4 times for close to 60 minutes. I have to complete exercises on two days, or can increase it to three. I’m not sure if I will do exercises for 3 days yet. I’m thinking about substituting that with a bike ride.

It was actually cold this morning. I wore long sleeves for the whole walk. At 9.15 I set off and enjoyed the dappled light on the walking track provided by the gum trees. A couple was walking a little ahead of me. Another couple was coming the other way. As the oncoming couple passed the couple in front of me, they said hello. Then when the oncoming couple passed me, I just got a half-smile. What is that? Is there a rule that says 2 hellos in the space of 5 seconds is too difficult? Did I not look as ‘hello worthy’? Anyway, after 40 minutes I arrived at the cafe and enjoyed a coffee, thinking what a beautiful morning it was. The walk home was a bit disjointed as I stopped at lights and for traffic a few times. But I did do my hour’s walk. I really enjoyed it and felt that I could have kept going. What a shock. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 7/day 1 – get fit plan – EVER FELT UN-HELLO-WORTHY?

  1. Maybe seeing a couple they were more under pressure to say hello! Maybe they also thought you wanted peace and quiet. Just think there will be lots more hello’s with you future walks. I decided that the exercise bike was the go today. Then crunches, stretches and weights. I am building up to do a huge hike up a hillside on Sunday. So am trying to get all parts of my body toned up for it. It will be a big test for my fitness,as it is a hiking track,so lots of strength in my legs required. I am really looking forward to it. It feels very autumny today. Happy walking and exercising this week, caio!

    • Hi there. Thanks for your reply. I would love to hear about your hike. Good luck with the uphill and also downhill as that also puts pressure on the knees. Keep up the great work but don’t overdo it.

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