Week 7/day 2 – get fit plan – NEW RESISTANCE TUBE ARRIVES

Resistance Tube

One of my favourite exercises

Hi everyone. My new resistance tube arrived and I put it through the workout today. It is a medium strength tube whereas the tube we already have is a strong one. I still found the lateral raises difficult with the medium tube. The tube has a door attachment which the tube is fed through. This way you can do rowing and pulling. I leave the strong tube in the door attachment and use my medium one out for freestyle exercises, like the one pictured, the bicep curl.

I still don’t enjoy exercises. I do have my favourites but I’m so much happier when it’s a walking day. I am half way through the program. At the end I will have to decide what I take on to the next phase. The thing is, I am including exercise in everyday living. Without this blog to keep me in check, I would have strayed by now. Thanks to the program too. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Week 7/day 2 – get fit plan – NEW RESISTANCE TUBE ARRIVES

  1. Hi Kaye, what a great setup you have for your indoors program. Most impressive. You have everything you need,and easy access. The resistance tube looks like an interesting addition. I must get one. I was out walking early this morning,and crunches this afternoon. I am also carrying heavy holders about 8 per day from my workshop to my kiln room,so lots of extra exercise. You are still going great guns,and I look forward to your daily blogs;which also keep me at it!!!!! Enjoy your tube. I double clicked onto the photo,and it enlarges so I could see the tube a lot better. Happy days.

    • Hi Barb. You must be getting toned with all your crunches and lifting. Great to be getting work done at the same time. Glad my commitment and blogs give you some incentive. It’s all win win! I’m looking forward to another walk tomorrow. Bye for now.

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