Week 7/day 3 – get fit plan – NON STOP WALK

Hi everyone. It feels like autumn so it was very nice walking this morning. I didn’t feel like a coffee so I walked non-stop for 50 minutes. That feels about right to me. The first leg by the river took 30 minutes and there were quite a few galahs and corellas about. I saw a cheeky galah sitting in the crook of a big gum and then his mate popped her head up from behind him. On the return trip I went via a smaller walking track then on the street. I often plan that I will work something out in my head while I’m walking. I haven’t done that yet. Today I kept thinking about where I may have left my favourite black cardigan which I haven’t seen for a week. Now it’s on with the rest of the day. Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Week 7/day 3 – get fit plan – NON STOP WALK

  1. Hi Kaye, today I haven’t had my early am walk. Too many jobs. My pedometer arrived,so I have that on, will do crunches later,and ride my exercise bike. Lovely mild day. Great to work in. I do prefer my early walk the best. Lots of black cockatoo’s around at the moment. I love their call.

    • I’ll be interested to see what the pedometer tells you. I might have to get something to tell me how far I walk. I would love to know. Your bike ride will be lovely on a day like this. Enjoy the day.

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