Week 7/day 5 of Get Fit plan.

Hi everyone. Today I decided to get the bike out. Luckily the walking path I use is also a fabulous cycling path. It was an overcast and mild day so no heat problems. I thought it was so easy to cycle, but then I realised that going uphill and headwinds are very challenging. On the return leg of the ride I passed a walker and faced a slight incline. Add to that a head wind and I thought I was going to kark it! I had to push so hard to keep moving in a forward direction and I didn’t want the embarrassment of getting off and pushing the bike in front of the walker. I managed to keep going, puffing madly. When I got to the bridge I couldn’t get uphill so I had to push it to the top then merrily sailed to the bottom. It was quite a workout and took 30 minutes. That was all I could take. Later on I did a 15 minute walk and got some groceries which was super easy compared to the bike ride. I will have to work out gears. It’s great though to be able to add the bike to the mix as it definitely qualifies as a great fitness tool and I could feel my upper legs working hard. Enjoy your day.


2 thoughts on “CYCLING CAN BE TOUGH

  1. Hello, today I walked 30 mins to the local store,to get skimmer milk. I had an urge make a banana and strawberry smoothie. Not too bad either! Am just about to do weights and crunches before Sat pm guests arrive for drinky poos.On your bike! Tomorrow the hill climb?!??!!!

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