Week 7/day 6 – GET FIT PLAN

Hi everyone. It is a lovely day – blue skies and coolish temperature. I had a lovely walk by the river and stopped after 35 minutes for a coffee. My family met me at the cafe and we enjoyed morning tea together. They went home by car and I walked another 15 minutes home. 15 minutes is such an easy walk these days. I’m really pleased that I can say that. Week 8 starts tomorrow. I’m well over half way and looking forward to meeting the rest of the challenge. Have a good day.



  1. Hi Kaye, sounds like you will get to love your bike as well. I had a mega day yesterday. I did a huge hill walk. It took 1.5 hours,and was all uphill. My legs turned to jelly halfway there,so I had a few rests and lots of water. I had to negotiate a very narrow walking track on the edge of the hills initially,and nearly had a heart attack;with my fear of heights. No one could pass it was so narrow.So I just kept looking ahead,not down. This path eventually widened;and I had magnificent views of the city and the sea. I can’t believe I made it. I should have prepared myself properly,with nuts etc to nibble,and keep up my strength. But I now have the walking bug,so will go on other treks in the hills.No walking today though. Tomorrow back to it.

    • Wow! What an effort. I also hate heights when it’s an unstable or narrow space. Will you do that again? At least the view was a reward. Keep up the great work but maybe the ‘jelly’ walk could be shortened. I also have legs like jelly when I get off the bike. Bye for now.

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