Week 8/day 1 – GET FIT PLAN

Hi everyone. Today I felt like a bike ride. It is another lovely autumny day. I changed my bike gears and prepared myself for any inclines. It worked. I found it easier to pedal with the lower setting and when I reached an incline I gathered some speed and made it up. I didn’t have to stop on the bridge either as I made sure I had a good run up. That was all good. Another thing that I have learnt is that if someone is walking in the right passing lane to ring the bike bell so that they can move back to the left. I didn’t ring my bell and the lady who was in the wrong lane dropped her drink bottle right in front of me. I had to ride off the track into the dirt. I squealed and she said she was sorry and hadn’t heard me. So bells are useful.

After I got home I still had another 15 minutes to do so I walked up the street and bought the fish for dinner tonight. It’s really great not worrying about parking metres. So mixing up the exercise is fun and useful. I think my legs are looking more toned too. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “MIX IT UP WITH EXERCISE

  1. Your blogs are great, sounds like you are having fun.
    I am still walking at 5am but its starting to get a little dark. It hasnt cooled off any yet, it was warm at 5 now it is really hot.
    Am gald to get my walk in so early otherwise I wouldnt do it in this weather.

    • Hi Wendy. Hopefully cooler weather will come soon. Don’t know if I could ever manage a 5am walk. My system wouldn’t cope. I am having fun and have noticed muscles that were not there before. I picked up a heavy bag yesterday and I’m sure that I would have struggled more before I began my program. It’s all worth it. Bye.

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