Week 8/day 5 – GET FIT PLAN

Hi everyone.  I am sitting on the deck with coffee and cake and  one of our cats at my feet. It’s a warm day and it was just perfect for my walk this morning. After the school drop off I went along the walking track. Another walker was not far in front of me which I find a bit uncomfortable. I don’t like walking near someone else’s heels and it’s almost impossible to walk quickly past someone else. So I stopped along the way and did a couple of stretches to put some distance between us. Much better. Then I walked at my own pace all the way home. I find that my legs tire easily. I could walk a lot further if they didn’t feel so tired after 40 minutes. Oh well. That’s all for now. Bye.



  1. Hello there, pouring with rain today,so a late start. I will not do anything until this afternoon,and that will be exercise bike and weights. I have no mirror,so I check my posture by straightening up every time I start to lean. Keep up your excellent work. I am planning on a long walk again tomorrow,but not uphill. I hope to walk 5 – 6 km, to a friends place,and get a lift home. My legs will really feel it though,as I am still getting over my uphill jaunt last Saturday. Ciao!

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