Week 9/day 4 – GET FIT PLAN

It is the most beautiful autumn day. I began my walk straight after school drop-off but I was still a bit stressed because the kids seem incapable of getting ready for school on time. So after getting to school just in time for one daughter to catch a bus to swimming, I realised I hadn’t packed her thongs. Well there was no time to get them so I muttered all the way home about why they can’t get up on time, why they don’t hurry when I say we need to go and so on. So when I started walking I really enjoyed pounding out that stress and thinking up some strategies, which I have used before but will try again, as to how to get the kids to bed on time so they can get up on time and get to school on time. By the time I finished the walk I was much calmer and when I got home I did 20 minutes weeding. So have a good day and if you’re feeling stressed, go for a brisk walk.


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