Hi everyone. I got on my bike at 9am and went along the river and through a bit of bush on the cycling track. It really is a great workout and I think it’s harder than walking and gets the cardiovascular working more. Very enjoyable though.

When I got home I did 20 minutes weeding. It really is a good way to get overwhelming jobs done. A bit each day and by the end of one week, a lot has been done.

Some days I feel a bit stiff but not usually sore. I guess that means that the program has eased me into exercise without overdoing it.

It will be interesting when I next have my cholesterol checked, to see if my exercising has reduced the reading. We shall see.

Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “GET ON YOUR BIKE

  1. Hi there, had a warm up on the exercise bike,and then a brisk 30 min walk. I am a bit stiff today as I started wood carving classes,and had 3 hours in the one spot on my legs;learning the carving techniques,hence sore ribs today. Not to worry,I loved it. Great to see you are learning to enjoy your bike.And yes, it gets the old cardiovascular system going. Good luck with your cholesterol. Don’t know though,with all your cakes and biscuits. LOL.

    • Hi. Sounds like you had a good session. At least when I have my next cholestoral check, I will know the benefits of exercise and diet separately. If I changed my diet when I started the exercise program, I wouldn’t know the individual benefits. So that’s my story and until then, lemon tart here I come.

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