I really enjoyed my walk today because I was in a hurry to buy a picture book. I couldn’t wait to get to the bookshop and hoped that they had “Henry the Goat” in stock. Sure enough they did and it came with a cute little “Henry” toy. The author and illustrator of the book was on abc tv on the weekend. Her name is Ella Watkins and at 14, has had the most gorgeous and funny picture book published. She is awesome and truly talented. I also stopped at the chemist. It was great to get two little jobs done on my walk. I would recommend walking with a task in mind. Have a good day.


One thought on “WALKING TO THE SHOPS

  1. Hi, yes I have read about this amazing author. I am sure all will enjoy the book. I have been doing my crunches this afternoon. It has turned out to be a very cold first day of autumn. I am dreading winter weather again. But walking is more fun in the cold,sometimes! Gets the old body warmed up,enjoy all your walking jobs. It is great to have a task to do ,to make the walk worthwhile.

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