Well this afternoon my husband and I took to the walking track. One daughter came with us on her scooter. We met some friends on the track so we all walked and scooted together. The time went so quickly and the girls had a great time.

When I got home I decided that I would commence my new part-time job – mowing the lawn. We have a 4 stroke mower and I really think that thanks to my exercises, I didn’t find it hard to push the mower. The heat got to me after 40 minutes though. But I’m very pleased with my efforts and it added to my workout for the day.

Now that it’s Saturday afternoon, it’s time for a shower and a bubbly! Have a good weekend.



  1. Well done with the mowing. Sunday morning ,gorgeous and sunny. I decided to walk into the village for breakfast. A weekend treat. A very hilly walk;but bearable. Then off to Clean Up Aust. Got there a bit late,and all the work had been done in my location. Naughty me. So tomorrow when I walk I am taking a bag to pick up any rubbish I see along the way. Glad your lawn looks great. So does ours. Bye

    • It does sound like a treat having breakfast in the village. A nice reward after the walk. Hmm, turning up late to the clean up! That’s the oldest trick in the book. I’m sure you had good intentions and don’t forget to wear your gloves when you pick up rubbish. Have a good night.

  2. Kaye, I have finally revisited your blog. It was a gorgeous day wasn’t it?

    Glad to hear the lawn mowing went well. You could go into business!!

  3. Many things motivate me to keep fit – but mowing the lawn isn’t one of them!
    Pleased that I live far north and lawn mowing has not yet commenced here.
    Meanwhile, pleased to read that you are keep up the walking.

    • Yes, I would rather not mow the lawn, although I think I prefer it to doing lateral raises. When I went outside this morning I admired my handywork, at the same time hoping it doesn’t grow too quickly.
      I will be starting week 11 tomorrow. Still can’t believe I’ve come this far. No turning back now. Hope all is well up north and have a good day.

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