Hi everyone. Another full morning. After getting the kids off to school then spending a bit of time listening to some of the children read, it was home, a quick change and off up the street on my walk. I decided to have a coffee this morning. My plan was to take the walking track first then have a coffee on the home straight, but I did it around the other way without thinking as my legs headed straight to the cafés.  I enjoyed a coffee in a lovely courtyard café after the 15 minute walk to get there. Then I took another 35 minutes to walk home by the river. I really enjoyed the walk and kept a good pace. I tried to correct my posture as I went as I have a tendency to lean forward. I found a website called looklovely and the ladies who have that site talked about posture. It was very helpful so thanks to them.

I was inspired by Barb saying she was going to pick up some rubbish on her walk so I did the same today. I picked up a plastic shopping bag and a plastic milkshake cup. Being a bin day I managed to find some bins out on the street which was handy. I might take my own plastic bag in future and pick up rubbish as I go. Enjoy your day.


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