Hi everyone. I’m glad that I just got back from my bike ride.  A mean wind has sprung up and that can be deadly when riding against it. The track was busy today, mainly with people walking. One man even said I was ‘cheating’ just because I was going faster than he was walking his dog. Hummpphh.

When I got off the bike today I felt like I’d been through the washing machine. I wonder if that feeling will pass as I do more cycling in months to come. At the moment I only ride once a week. So to anyone who cycles often, is that feeling normal in the early stages?

I’m just glad that I do something everyday. It really brushes off those guilt cobwebs about neglecting fitness and not looking after a body that has taken care of itself all this time. Now I’m going to take advice and give it a hand.

Have a good day.


3 thoughts on “I WASN’T CHEATING!

  1. Hi Kaye, pouring here today, so exercise bike,and weights,crunches. I don’t ride my bike enough either. When I do; any uphill is a no no. My friends who ride more regularly definitely don’t have any probs. I should do more of that. Will try harder. I have a great bike to ride. It’s all go with the exercising !!!!! Loving the rain

    • It’s a bit wild and windy here at the moment. I’ll probably stay in tomorrow if we get the rain. I can’t use the weather as an excuse not to exercise when I’ve got my resistance tube and treadmill inside. Keeps me on track. Have a good day.

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