Hi everyone. As predicted it is a drizzly day. Nice and cool though. I popped the tv on and did my treadmill warm up, stretches then into the resistance exercises. I was looking in the CSIRO book and read that the upright row  is an alternative to the seated row. I’ve been doing both all this time. It’s going to be easy to choose another exercise to drop. I don’t know if it was kind lighting or not, but my legs are looking fit. I had shorts on today and I couldn’t help noticing that they looked quite toned. My work is starting to pay off.

One exercise that I have not been able to do is the lateral raise with the resistance tube. I know that there is an easier tube available  but  I do the raises with my 2lb weights. I quite like using them and I can feel my arms working.

As the program ticks along, I am pleased that I have given myself the chance to see the benefits of exercise after 12 weeks. The only way is to do it. And I’m nearly there. So far it has been a great change for me. I still feel a bit guilty  spending the time on getting fit, but  that is changing as I see my body taking a better shape and hopefully gaining a stronger cardiovascular ability. In December I sat next to a lady at a luncheon and she was telling me about her struggle with breast cancer. She told me that because she had been physically active and fit, it gave her something to fall back on as she went through her treatment. She clearly wanted to spread that message so I have found another benefit of exercising.

Have a good day.



  1. Hi Kaye
    Don’t feel guilty!! It is time well spent. Even though you might feel your time could be put to ‘better’ use, the physical exertion I am sure makes you more energised and so you would use your remaining time more efficiently. And besides, anything that makes your legs look terrific has got to be worth it!

  2. Hi Kaye, it was good reading all the positives you are feeling re your exercise program. Don’t feel the guilts though;it can only be positive improving your body fitness. I think everyone goes through that phase. “Have I got the time?” I guess the answer is to keep a white board record once your blog is over. That way you can look at each day,and perhaps plan the week ahead,so you have a weekly goal. I have easily fallen into the trap of;”tomorrow I will”. That is where your blogs have helped me greatly. I walked to the corner shop in the rain today,and now will do my crunches before lunch. And a short stint on the exercise bike this afternoon. Fab blog K

    • Thanks, Barb. I intend to blog weekly at the end of the program. Won’t it be interesting to see what I’m saying in say, a year’s time? It’s an ongoing challenge and very long experiment.

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