Hi everyone. Today I was really looking forward to a walk. I took the walking track, which seems to be my favourite walk. At one point a man  was coming in the other direction. He had four small dogs, all about the same size. Three of the little dogs were curious and came towards me. It was like invasion of the dogs! The fourth one was much older and slower. He puffed and snorted but seemed happy to be out. He also looked a lot like a Tasmanian Devil. I had to look twice.

When I got up the street I went to one of my favourite spots. It has lots of great seats under shade and I sat there for an hour editing a story that I’m currently working on. Of course being waited on and ordering coffee was part of the plan. Then I had an easy walk home.

That’s it for now. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “INVASION OF THE DOGS

  1. Hi Kaye, woof woof, we are waiting for you!!!!!! Today I had to go to town very early to get some new tyres. So as it was a 40 minute wait ,I walked to the central market to have breakfast. Then a walk back to pick up my car. Different views, and great people watching. Almost week 12!!!!! Ciao for now

    • Hi Barb. It could be the next Alfred Hitchcok style movie like the birds! You found a good way to fill in your time today. Keep up the good work. Have a good weekend.

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