Morning everyone. I’ve been on my walk and for whatever reason, I felt a bit pooped. I think I had too many stops and starts. To begin with I walked to the post box and got rid of a letter that seemed to stick to me. For days I kept taking it with me and kept forgetting to post it. Well this morning it found its way into the box. Then I walked to the jeweller to get three watches seen to. From there I walked to Gloria Jeans and brought my coffee home which I am now sipping on. I hope my jelly-like feeling subsides soon. Anyhow, have a good day.


2 thoughts on “WALKABOUT

  1. I’ve just noticed that you have the CSIRO wellbeing book. About 5 years ago I bought the book with the recipes and menu plans for 12 weeks. I loved almost all the meals and my (grown up) son and I both lost weight. It was expensive though – all that meat.

    • Yes, my husband bought the CSIRO book some years ago. I was amazed to see such a great menu planner and such yummy recipes. Meat can be expensive, but hopefully it stops people from eating lots of other things in between meals that might cost a bit too. I can see the point with protein because without it, I find I eat loads of carbs and often the wrong food. Hope you still enjoy what the book has to offer.

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