Hi everyone. It’s turned a bit chilly in the mornings but I soon warmed up on my walk. I did the standard, walking track then back home via the street. As I walked along the river a duck had its sights set on getting to the water and he came in just past my face. Luckily we didn’t get up close and personal.

I also met a little dog who was happy and friendly but he wasn’t with anyone. I gave him a pat and thought that if he followed me I’d have to sort out what to do with him. He followed me for a short way and then busied himself in the grass. I called him again but he didn’t come. He had a collar on but no tag. I hope that he lived nearby or that someone else might help him.

So as my final week draws to a close, I will soon make up my own rules. Stay tuned!



  1. Well it is almost D day!!!!!! I was out doing the big block this morning. A very chilly day indeed. Then out of a lane way came about 50 walkers,all laughing and chatting with their backpacks on. They were all in their 60’s and 70’s. What a happy group enjoying the early morning countryside. They all smiled at me and my dog as we passed. It also makes me realize that the effort of walking is well worth it. I then ran into another much younger friend;who hadn’t exercised for ages. She had been away at a school reunion,and was shocked at some of the changes in her friends. Some looked trim and terrific,and a couple of others were so overweight ; they looked 10 years older than the fit ones. So she now has decided that she has to get back into her fitness,and say on track. I will be catching up with old nursing friends next week. So I hope I don’t shock them!!!!! Happy weekend to you.

    • Great story. Fitness is the go is it not? Last night I was doing an arm stretch and I noticed my triceps. I’d never seen them before. Keep up the walking.

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