What a walk!

Hi to anyone who is still reading.

This week I did a bike ride, mowed the lawn, walked to the supermarket and pulled my rather heavy trolley home, walked to the shops and this morning I walked the neighbour’s dog, dropped her back home then went on a 40 minute walk on the track by the river.  I do something each day, whether big or small. But I really had the urge to go on a good walk and today I did that. If I don’t do a solid walk every couple of days, my body seems to crave it. I feel good now. Hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous autumn weather. Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “What a walk!

  1. Hi Kaye, went for a brisk walk this morning. Almost a frost. Daylight saving will make things easier in the early morning department. I am sure you will still be doing lots. Bye for now.

    • Hi Barb, yes I’m still doing lots and it’s great. I really enjoyed my walk yesterday, it does become addictive! Looking forward to turning the clock back tonight.

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