Hi everyone. I went out at 5pm for a bike ride. It was warm and windless. There was still plenty of light and also lots of little bugs. There were also lots of people. It was one of the busiest times I’ve seen the walking/cycling track. I worked out that the bike ride is a 5km round trip from home and I do that in half an hour.  It sounds quite good – a 5k bike ride. That’s all I can manage anyhow. The light is quickly disappearing but I am thankful for the lovely temperature. I will try to soak it up as often as possible.

After my walk yesterday which was 2.5k, I was very stiff for the rest of the day. Serves me right for not doing more over the last 2 weeks.

Bye for now.

Autumn Exercise

Hi everyone. Well after a week of some very unappealing weather, I know that the real challenge for me is keeping up exercise when winter hits. Being the school holidays has put a stop to my freedom of choosing what to do when, and coupled with the cold wet weather I have been rather slack.

Yesterday however was lovely. The kids and I walked to the movies. Then today I rode my bike while the girls scooted. We got quite hot. With no rain forecast we can expect more of this lovely weather and more activity!

Keep active!



Hi everyone. I took my bike out this morning. It was a bit windy so I had a few spots where I had to work against the headwind. I think I’m getting better at cycling and  bit by bit my legs must be getting stronger. I still feel like jelly when I finish. Not much else to say so have a great day and my thoughts are with the Japanese.



Hi everyone. I’m glad that I just got back from my bike ride.  A mean wind has sprung up and that can be deadly when riding against it. The track was busy today, mainly with people walking. One man even said I was ‘cheating’ just because I was going faster than he was walking his dog. Hummpphh.

When I got off the bike today I felt like I’d been through the washing machine. I wonder if that feeling will pass as I do more cycling in months to come. At the moment I only ride once a week. So to anyone who cycles often, is that feeling normal in the early stages?

I’m just glad that I do something everyday. It really brushes off those guilt cobwebs about neglecting fitness and not looking after a body that has taken care of itself all this time. Now I’m going to take advice and give it a hand.

Have a good day.



Hi everyone. If you’ve ever wanted to see what walking on the moon feels like, then I think that a 30 minute bike ride might do it. I just got back from my ride and when I got off the bike, and this happens each time, I feel like I’m made of jelly and my steps are big and rubbery. Not to mention slightly light-headed. I’m sure it’s doing me good. Must be that my blood supply is whooshing around my body. I’d hate to see what I felt like after 45 minutes. I won’t be trying that just yet. Not until I eventually replace my seat for a soft gel one anyhow. So it’s off for a shower now and trying to come back to earth! Bye for now.



Hi everyone. I got on my bike at 9am and went along the river and through a bit of bush on the cycling track. It really is a great workout and I think it’s harder than walking and gets the cardiovascular working more. Very enjoyable though.

When I got home I did 20 minutes weeding. It really is a good way to get overwhelming jobs done. A bit each day and by the end of one week, a lot has been done.

Some days I feel a bit stiff but not usually sore. I guess that means that the program has eased me into exercise without overdoing it.

It will be interesting when I next have my cholesterol checked, to see if my exercising has reduced the reading. We shall see.

Have a good day.


Week 8/day 1 – GET FIT PLAN

Hi everyone. Today I felt like a bike ride. It is another lovely autumny day. I changed my bike gears and prepared myself for any inclines. It worked. I found it easier to pedal with the lower setting and when I reached an incline I gathered some speed and made it up. I didn’t have to stop on the bridge either as I made sure I had a good run up. That was all good. Another thing that I have learnt is that if someone is walking in the right passing lane to ring the bike bell so that they can move back to the left. I didn’t ring my bell and the lady who was in the wrong lane dropped her drink bottle right in front of me. I had to ride off the track into the dirt. I squealed and she said she was sorry and hadn’t heard me. So bells are useful.

After I got home I still had another 15 minutes to do so I walked up the street and bought the fish for dinner tonight. It’s really great not worrying about parking metres. So mixing up the exercise is fun and useful. I think my legs are looking more toned too. Have a good day.


Week 7/day 5 of Get Fit plan.

Hi everyone. Today I decided to get the bike out. Luckily the walking path I use is also a fabulous cycling path. It was an overcast and mild day so no heat problems. I thought it was so easy to cycle, but then I realised that going uphill and headwinds are very challenging. On the return leg of the ride I passed a walker and faced a slight incline. Add to that a head wind and I thought I was going to kark it! I had to push so hard to keep moving in a forward direction and I didn’t want the embarrassment of getting off and pushing the bike in front of the walker. I managed to keep going, puffing madly. When I got to the bridge I couldn’t get uphill so I had to push it to the top then merrily sailed to the bottom. It was quite a workout and took 30 minutes. That was all I could take. Later on I did a 15 minute walk and got some groceries which was super easy compared to the bike ride. I will have to work out gears. It’s great though to be able to add the bike to the mix as it definitely qualifies as a great fitness tool and I could feel my upper legs working hard. Enjoy your day.